We’re established in Specialized Product Chat Support since 2013 for the Various Web sites Product Selling Companies.
We mainly provide sales support, customer support and billing support.
We provide 3 types of plans are as follows: Single agent,24/7 Chat support,Dedicated Support.
We offer Chat Support on 24x7x365 bases with the qualified technical team. We are experts in chat communication among 240 Countries.
Primarily we offer support in the English language across the globe, if clients wants to chat in the native language then we use translators to communicate with them.
A single agent can handle 3 concurrent chats at a time, if you opt our 24/7 plan then our agent can deal with any number of chats.
Yes, you will get an Invoice of your paid amount.
Our billing cycle starting from 1 month.
We accept payments via paypal and bank transfer.
You need to notify us befoe 30 days of cancellation via live chat Or email.
Yes, we do offer 100% uptime guarantee.
For new purchase we offer 15 days money back guarantee from the date of purchase.
Yes, we are flexible enough to work with any chat applications.
Yes, we have certified and well trained chat agents expertise in technical knowledge with excellent communication skills.
Sorry, we do not offer phone support as all the work is efficiently managed through live chat and email.
Indeed. Our administration can be utilized on quite a few website pages or destinations. The membership bundle characterizes just the quantity of administrators

NOTE:: This assistance can be accessible for 24/7 chat support and a special dedicated team bundle.

Live chat support is a way for clients to find support through texting. It occurs on a 1:1 level, regularly through an organization's site.

Live chat support can take a couple of structures. For e.g. it tends to be a proactive chat spring up-consider a chatbox showing up on your screen and inquiring as to whether you want assistance. Tapping on it would interface you to a live specialist.

Clients and visitors can likewise begin a live chat whenever they need it. Many organization locales incorporate a button (generally on the base right of the website page) where clients can snap to interface with a specialist.

The essential difference is that live chat is meeting based-once the discussion is finished or you tackle an issue, the conversational history vanishes from the client's end.

Then again, informing permits clients to see discussions whenever. This is on the grounds that these trades occur in outsider channels, as Facebook talk or WhatsApp. Informing empowers clients to get the discussion whenever the timing is ideal.

Live chat support strengthens the client experience. clints expect support as fast as could really be expected

Live chat support is better for every business and compney

Adding live chat support empowers chat agents to help more individuals, without huge loads of new programming.

Live chat empowers lower stand-by times on the grounds that an agent can converse with numerous individuals immediately through live chat. On the other hand, reps can address just a single client at once, and email makes delays.

Connecting with site visitors or application clients by means of chat at whatever point an issue has happened rather than delaying until they email or call

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